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#FIRESTARTERS Book Project (Cover)

Being a Spark of Hope in the Midst of Change is making a courageous conscious decision to respond to the adjustment of change in a positive light.


The #FIRESTARTERS Book Project is a collection of creative thought leaders who are collaborating, planning, directing, organizing, and creating new ideas to navigate change. 

We understand that a single match, if left alone, will fizzle out quickly. Therefore, when one match ignites another, we build a stronger fire. We start with a tiny spark that ignites hope, creativity, curiosity, fearlessness, connection, kindness, collaboration, mindfulness, community, acceptance, purpose, contribution and love into the world. 

That single spark creates a ripple effect, then gains momentum and spreads like wildfire. 

We create a collective, positive, proactive shift in the world because we are the change we want to see.

Together, we are





Alba Cordero Soto is a certified trauma life coach, transformational speaker, author, reiki practitioner, podcast host, and nurse supervisor at a Harm Reduction Clinic within a community health center. As the visionary and founder of Alba Soto TLC, her mission is to support sexual trauma survivors on their healing journey and help them find their voice and reclaim their power. As a survivor herself, she shares the lessons that allowed her to break the shackles of sexual trauma and heal for generations to come.

Soto is dedicated to helping teen girls and single mothers who have suffered from sexual trauma. As a bilingual, Spanish-speaking, certified trauma life coach, she teaches that, “Without tools, trauma Rules.”

Soto’s vision is to create a community of resilient women and teens through her sisters’ circle community, “Better TogetHER,” a sacred space to connect with other like-spirited, resilient women who are ready to move towards a life that is free of shame, guilt, and anger.

She is also the proud mother of four and counting, wife, and entrepreneur.

You are invited to connect with Alba on her website or


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