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#FIRESTARTERS Book Project (Cover)

Being a Spark of Hope in the Midst of Change is making a courageous conscious decision to respond to the adjustment of change in a positive light.


The #FIRESTARTERS Book Project is a collection of creative thought leaders who are collaborating, planning, directing, organizing, and creating new ideas to navigate change. 

We understand that a single match, if left alone, will fizzle out quickly. Therefore, when one match ignites another, we build a stronger fire. We start with a tiny spark that ignites hope, creativity, curiosity, fearlessness, connection, kindness, collaboration, mindfulness, community, acceptance, purpose, contribution and love into the world. 

That single spark creates a ripple effect, then gains momentum and spreads like wildfire. 

We create a collective, positive, proactive shift in the world because we are the change we want to see.

Together, we are





David Bennett discovered his passion for being a positive change when he was at a very young age. He is known for his optimistic attitude and positive outlook on life. After attending a purpose and passion seminar in 2018, he had a life-changing revelation. It inspired him to become a certified life coach with the school, “The Academy of Modern Applied Psychology.”

Now, David is a Certified Life Purpose Coach, Motivational Podcaster, Teacher, and Motivational Speaker. You might know him as the host of “I Needed This” podcast, the face of “I Needed This Dave” YouTube channel, or heard him speak at one of your events! Currently, David teaches people how to discover their own purpose and passion with his three-step program called “The Lion Within.”

David tries to live up to his purpose and passion statement every day, which is: “With Motivation, Desire, and a whole lot of action, I challenge myself and others to release that ‘Fire’ that’s inside all of us. Take action and be the change you want to see in the world. So that by the end of the day, we can all say we were our best selves.”

You can reach out to David and find more resources about him at: or


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