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#FIRESTARTERS Book Project (Cover)

Being a Spark of Hope in the Midst of Change is making a courageous conscious decision to respond to the adjustment of change in a positive light.


The #FIRESTARTERS Book Project is a collection of creative thought leaders who are collaborating, planning, directing, organizing, and creating new ideas to navigate change. 

We understand that a single match, if left alone, will fizzle out quickly. Therefore, when one match ignites another, we build a stronger fire. We start with a tiny spark that ignites hope, creativity, curiosity, fearlessness, connection, kindness, collaboration, mindfulness, community, acceptance, purpose, contribution and love into the world. 

That single spark creates a ripple effect, then gains momentum and spreads like wildfire. 

We create a collective, positive, proactive shift in the world because we are the change we want to see.

Together, we are





Moussa Mikhail was born August 10, 1996, of Christian-Egyptian immigrant parents in the City of Lights–Las Vegas, Nevada. Following high school athletics and submarine life in the Navy, he landed back in Las Vegas, NV working in real estate.

Moussa’s passion and dedication to reading for self-improvement not only improved his military advancement, but gave him a better way of thinking about life and success. It also helped him discover his entrepreneurial spirit.

Moussa invested heavily in learning about the mind, body, leadership, business, and real estate. It led him to get his real estate license and start a credit repair/financial services business in order to become self-employed after leaving the Navy. More importantly, it led him to his passion for podcasting, writing, speaking, and coaching.

Moussa now shares his passion for life’s journey and the creation of a strong community around self-mastery through his podcast: The Conqueror Approach: A Podcast on Self-Mastery. To hear more, subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts and visit


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